Leverage cutting-edge technology for investment research.

Institutional investors leverage our technology to secure an information advantage, uncover blind spots, and improve performance. The technology processes unstructured data, identifies key insights, and delivers them to portfolio managers and analysts, empowering them to make better investment decisions.


Benefit from Generative AI tools meticulously crafted for the unique demands of investment management.

Fundamental teams Benefits Illustration

Fundamental teams

Save time on insight extraction, know more about companies, and speed up report generation.

Systematic Teams Benefits Illustration

Systematic teams

Integrate new data sources, develop novel high-conviction signals, and lower the costs of alternative data.

Other applications Benefits Illustrations

Other applications

Understand geopolitical or reputational risk trends, streamline thematic research, and more.

Our edge is in the combination of insight quality, scale of operation, and adaptability to your team's process.

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Our technology can help distill the unique ‘skill’ of your top analysts into an automated decision support tool.



Analyze your entire investment universe across history and all types of data, continuously or on demand as Q&A.



Tailor insights and align outputs with your exact investment process while retaining IP and protecting your ideas.

The technology is rooted in academic research at the intersection of machine learning, Generative AI, and investment management.

Information funnel

Information funnel illustration

Information funnel

Unstructured data is aggregated into key insights which can be delivered to users, converted into signals, or linked to directly to valuation models.

Transparent process

Transparent process illustration

Transparent process

All documents and data used to produce the insights and signals are traceable and available for review by investors, ensuring integrity of decision making.

Cutting-edge algorithms

Cutting-edge algorithms illustration

Cutting-edge algorithms

The integration of state-of-the-art Generative AI with our unique process enables previously unattainable levels of cost efficiency, scalability, and customization

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